Tommy began his fascination with photography at 13 when he was given an old Vivitar SLR to take pictures of his passion at the time - aeroplanes. After discovering engineering wasn't for him, he began working in a 24 hour photo lab at the age of 18 and has studied and worked with images ever since.

He graduated with degree in Media Production in 2004 and helped to run a non-profit company organising film courses, and taught classes, in collaboration with SOAS, UCL and Film London.

In 2009, Tommy invested seriously in his career as camera operator and photographer, working on award-winning documentaries and fiction films. In 2010, he was commended by the International Photography Awards held in New York, for one of his first landscape photographs.

Since then, Tommy has developed his photographic techniques to an advanced level to fine tune every aspect of the image making process, and currently uses one of the largest resolution professional full frame cameras and sharpest lenses available, to enable production of huge prints with an exceptionally high level of detail.